Eternity - man against nature
This sculpture «Eternity - man against nature» was lost a few years ago. This is an exact replica that I have made from a photograph I had from 1968 - the year I made the first one. I was at the time a young soldier that a few months before was involved in the 6 day war between Israel and Egypt . I realized then that humans born with certain habits that die hard, and as a result they behave and become the way they are. If you include their different cultures, different traditions, their different religions, different education and their different interests, you will come to the conclusion that people can not change because of those differences. Some people will say that in the long run we can educate everyone. That is true perhaps, but nobody can ever change the different religions of the world. As long as Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad are dead there will be different religions. And again, when there are different religions there are also different cultures, different traditions, different educations and different interests. All those things are related like a chain. And religion is important to the believers like air to the lungs. Therefore the only way we can change all of these, is for example if somebody somehow, could bring back all those prophets and if the prophets themselves will tell to their believers: Listen to me, I was wrong. So go home and forget about your religion. I was a fake, and everything you have read in your bible was false. Only in some surrealistic case like this you could make the religions disappear. And perhaps then you could try to make one religion. Or even no religion at all. And only then you could educate the world as one. In my opinion even this is impossible. People are different because of many reasons; one of them is their different geographic locations that dictate certain needs. And as a result the culture develops. And with different cultures you create different habits and different behaviour patterns. As a matter of fact every religion today is waiting for their own messiahs so that they could finally say to the other religions: We were right, and you all was wrong. So come to us and be like us. This is still a dream and something that every believer, whatever, is hoping for. But until then, as long as there are religions the world will behave exactly the same. They will fight for every inch of land because their prophet said it belonged to them, and they will bring children to the world as much as they can because according to their prophet this is a blessing regardless of reality. So more people less soil, less soil, more wars. With the war you get more land. The more land you have the less you have to worry about your own population growth in the future. So the one thing that distinguishes us as humans today from our ancestors is the way we fight our wars. From a stone axe in the past to a laser guided missile today. And the only difference between them is the speed of the execution. So obviously in the future there will be more advanced weapons with greater precision. This will perhaps sound very pessimistic, but to be realistic: Unless a greater power is to be involved with something so great and so unbelievable; something that is really above our imagination. So as a result of this and if the life of the world population will be in jeopardy, perhaps then the people will definitely change and will live in harmony with new rules and in a new order. The sculpture «Eternity - man against nature» represents my point of view in this subject. There we can see the contrast between the destruction that humans create compared to the routine circle of nature represented here by the flower and the butterfly that was here before us, and will remain here in the future. But not so the future of humanity, that are still in doubt.

98 x 68 cm
20 000 $ US

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